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Tasty Halal Meat and Mediterranean Sandwiches in Redlands, California

Taste the difference with the halal meat from Mediterranean Market in Redlands, California. We also carry a wide selection of bread and deli items with a Mediterranean flair.


All of our meat is halal, including cow, goat, lamb, and chicken. We have all cuts of meat available as well as full lamb, goat, and chicken. We also have all halal deli meats, such as luncheon meat and halal salami. Our frozen quail comes in a package of six.

Bread & Sundries

We carry different types of bread. We have Indian, Mediterranean, and Iranian bread and puff pastry, as well as different refrigerated doughs, some Mediterranean and some Indian. We carry specialty olive oil, extra virgin oil, fresh butter, and tinned butter. We also carry a lot of Greek products, such as olives, coffee, and many other Greek items.

Meat and Vegetables - Halal Meat


Our exotic Mediterranean sandwiches are fresh and include Gyro Sandwich, wrapped za'atar, and wrapped cheese. Gyro is a delicious sandwich which consists of a thin grilled meat slices on a pita bread with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, and lettuce. Tzatziki Sauce is a yogurt with chopped cucumber, salt, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and mint. Za'atar is sesame seeds, and healthy herbs mixed with olive oil, spreaded on pita bread, and rolled. Cheese wrap is a melted cheese and olive oil spreaded on pita bread and wrapped.

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