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Delicious Dairy Products in Redlands, California

Cheeses - Dairy Products

You'll love the delicious dairy products from Mediterranean Market in Redlands, California. We carry fresh eggs and a wide variety of Mediterranean, European, and American cheeses. Cheese options include:

• Sweet
• String
• Halloumi
• Akawi
• Domiati
• Arz
• Edam
• Chicago
• Danish
• Blue
• Nabulsi
• Greenland Feta
• Greenland Istamboli
• French Feta
• Bulgarian Feta
• Double Cream
• Egyptian Roumy


Stock up your kitchen with our delicious Mediterranean, European, and Indian groceries. We offer fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables and a selection of vegetarian and vegan items. Condiments and gift items are also available. We also carry different beans from around the world and many different types of flour, including semolina and wheat flour.

Contact us in Redlands, California, to learn more about dairy products.